Sportsmanship, Mindfulness, Inclusivity, Teamwork, and Health

Sportsmanship, Mindfulness, Inclusivity, Teamwork, and Health



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One Complex For Everyone

Featuring turfed fields, hardwood courts, and fitness training, SMITH arenas caters to local athletes and high demand activities.

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You’ll enjoy your choice of Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Futsal, Baseball/Softball, Virtual Golf and Pickleball.

Our state-of-the-art field allows for Soccer, Football and Lacrosse, and is located adjacent to our Sand Volleyball courts.

Our performance and fitness training allows athletes to get real-time analytics on their activities while going through personal or team trainings. Our video review rooms are designed to allow coaches and teams to dissect strengths and needs from prior practices and games. Our nutrition consists of health conscience choices to allow athletes to prepare for workouts and recover from activities. Workshops and mentoring include guest speakers and experts to assist with giving athletes, parents and guests the scoop on nutrition, health, physical fitness, mental preparedness and taking their game to the next level.


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Safety is a priority for us. While our temperature monitoring, sanitizing, and social distancing comply with local mandates for safety protocols, we go quite a bit further in adding safety protocols including air filtration and UV lighting to abate viruses. Our goal is to ensure that our guests are healthy and virus-free. Our lighting and cameras allow us to illuminate and record all activity in and around the facility. Employees are highly trained in safety protocols to ensure that every guest has an incredible experience without any health or safety concerns.

SMITH arenas is equipped with livestream and recording capabilities to allow each guest the option to watch in person, on their computer or on a mobile device.

  • Our high-speed internet complements the quiet area to allow athletes and siblings the ability to balance school and sports.
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Sportsmanship, Mindfulness, Inclusivity, Teamwork, and Health